Thursday, May 9, 2019



I was chatting with a customer and what seemed like a complaint turned into something quite different.

This customer had bought a dark colored Waterhog entrance mat manufactured by The Andersen company. They are 100% guaranteed so I never have to worry.
This mat was a darker color, the darker the color the more it will show the dirt. My customer explained that as he was vacuuming the mat he thought about how there was a lot to vacuum up. Of course this is a negative right, more stuff equals more work. But it’s all in how you look at it.
Study the picture above and the design of the Waterhog by Andersen

All of a sudden it hit him, all this stuff he was cleaning out of the mat was not tracked all over the building!

The Waterhog entry matting did its job!
It really catches all the dirt, debris and liquids. Isn’t that the job of any entrance, entry or walk off mat, to catch all that stuff in order to save all the other flooring in the building and to keep your areas looking cleaner?! Yes, it is!

Check them out for yourself; Waterhog Entrance mats

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