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What is Nitrile rubber?

Nitrile Rubber is not a natural product, it is a synthetic rubber polymer. Nitrile Rubber is generally resistant to animal fats, oils, fuel and other chemicals. It is used in the automotive industry as fuel hoses, oil handling hoses, grommets and seals. This stuff has to be tough! It can with stand temperatures of -40 to +108 celcious. A large use for Nitrile material is the use in the manufacturing of gloves (they can be nine times more puncture resistant with Nitrile). Floor mats and matting is another use (anti fatigue mats, kitchen matting, and in industrial areas with oil and grease). Nitrile rubber is more resistant than the natural rubber.

Are all Kitchen floor mats the same?

No, the more Nitrile in the product the more it will stand up to all the grease and oils.

Be very careful when you read about any kitchen mat, some will state grease resistant, this only means that they will resist the grease. Some will go as far to say their mats are grease proof, this can be better than resistant, however it does not mean its grease proof. Again, be careful what is claimed in the advertising. Make sure you know what the Nitrile count really is, this is the only way to really know how much Nitrile is in the mat. The more Nitrile, the better it will handle grease and animal fats.

I found a great new kitchen matting! Not only is it 100% Nitrile, it is thinner for more flexibility and has great traction or anti slip. The slip resistance not only comes from the material that it is made from but also from the design. This mat called the Safe Flow Plus has both 100 percent Nitrile rubber but also a great design, its soft yet tough. Soft for comfort as well as for safe traction and the toughness of Nitrile to last and stand up to chemicals. It also comes with drainage holes, this can be very important not only in use on the floor, but also in keeping the surface clear for safe and sure traction. These openings also assist in cleaning and allowing debris and liquids to flow away.

Here at we look for the best in floor mat and matting products so you do not have to waist your time and money. We are going to be adding this product to our online store soon, however you can still get it from us as we do carry it.

I had a customer who was really satisfied with his kitchen floor matting that lasted about 6 months, this did not seem like a long enough time frame for floor matting to last. I could not believe this was a standard for them, it made me wonder what the industry as a whole had for a standard time. We upgraded them to a mat that has been down for years not months.
Airomat, no longer exists, see the new Airotile below, its improved

The New and Improved AiroTile

Airomat anti fatigue and stress mats

This mat is a PVC mat (with only the purest PVC vinyl material, and hand made in the USA). Airomat not only has the best material you can get for floor mats, the best design I’ve come across. The Large square openings really do the job, we have always liked this mat for all kinds of uses, but now it is right up there with the 100% Nitrile rubber mats and starting to take over the commercial kicthen mat industry.

And now the New AiroTile takes it a step further with Elastoplast material, softer feel, tougher longer lasting, and a real grab for safety under foot.


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