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DECEMBER 30, 2014

I was looking around the internet and came across a cool idea!

We carry some 12″x12″ PVC tiles that snap together and are used mostly for garage floors, Florida room or porch floors, decks, pool and spa areas, work shops, industrial and commercial uses – but wow I never thought of using them for your cat’s litter box.

People love the different looks, the ease of doing it yourself (DYI), and it actually works. They use them to catch the cat litter from the box as the cat comes out, mats or tiles simply lift and there you find all the cat litter collected in one place, not all over your room.
Nice work bloggers, a great new use and here is a great place to get some from a family owned business and at great pricing (they do carry more than what you see on the web so call if you need to).

All these Tile Mats and more

All these Tile Mats and more….

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