Thursday, May 9, 2019


DECEMBER 30, 2014


Introducing the first Logo mat added to our website…

This one is a “Classic”, yes a Classic Impressions.

First things first, does everyone know what a logo mat is, how about if we say an image mat?

see the picture below:

As the picture shows you above a logo or image mat is usually a carpet mat with an image and words or sometimes just word or an image (picture). As you will see later in our new products as they are added at a later date these mats can not only be carpet, but can be rubber mats too.

Usually you will see these at the entrance or entry way, some people call them walk off mats. This is not the only use or place for these mats. Really you will see these mat just about anyplace you want to show off the company logo or name, get a message across to customers, this could be directions or any other needed messages other than your logo or store / company image. A common area other than the entrance would be in front of counters, maybe in a restaurant pick up area or a hotel check in counter, a savvy manager could even put them behind the counter for comfort and good footing with the message he wants to get across, like something as simple as a big smiley face (sure to catch the eye of employees and remind them to smile).

In industrial situations you can use these industrial strength mats are essential in not only safety with good footing and non slip, but also getting a message to your employee or visiting higher ups, and visiting customers. They can have anything printed on them; safety first, company name, directions, a nice welcome message, or something as simple as wipe feet before entering the offices.
These top of the line message mats, logo mats, image mats are made by a great company that gives a 100% satisfaction guaranty (Andersen). Not only a guaranty, but a great quality mat, here at we only carry the best, and we stand behind the products and stand behind and with our customers to get them a fair deal!

Classic Impression mats are made from the best nylon that makes up the logo and the mat. The logo, image or words are made up of carpet fibers, this means there is not pressed on, stuck on label that can not only come off but block the performance of the mat. You get it all with this one, sharp details images and performance. On the product page you will see many colors – these color choices are for the back ground, the image and its details and the words, what an awesome mat. This is not only our first logo mat on our site but a very highly recommended one also.

A feature that is only offered with this line of carpet mats and not other entrance mats is a choice of backing. We have a nub backing that has tons of little carpet grabbing nubs all over the rubber bottom of the mat. These nubs keep the mats from moving around when laid on carpeted floors. The second choice would be a smooth or flat back, this is great for keeping the entry way mat in place on a hard floor.

We are green! The entire line of mats from this company in which we represent have a percentage of recycled material. And its easy for you to go green too! call now or visit

I recommend you stop back at the website often as we do have new products showing up all the time.

go to the website above and see all the colors, pricing and contact information.

You can get your message across to your employees and customers, sales information or even a safety message. The video shows below how mats like the WaterHog logo's can provide safety, cleanliness, and all with a logo and the message you might want.


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