Thursday, May 9, 2019



Beauty Salon Mats of all sizes and shapes is very proud to announce that we now care Beauty Salon Mats and Matting from one of the best suppliers.

We will really be able to serve our customers with these very high-end products, straight from the manufacturer. This manufacturer is one of the best when is comes to customer service, environmental concerns, research and development, quality control, innovation and just a great industry “know-how” in the floor mats and matting field.Here at really like these qualities, as a manufacturer and agent for other manufacturers the above qualities really mirror what we do and what we have believed in for over 40 years in the floor matting business.Together we really look forward to bringing our customers some of the best in the industrial matting area, residential and commercial areas, office mats, animal matting, anti fatigue and safety mats as well as our new line of Beauty Salon Mats.This is a really exciting line of quality professional salon mats, covering every possible thing from three very unique was to get the best fatigue relief, products to add beauty, one very cool mat with for the sport looking or guy oriented salons or barber shops, even an improvement on the traditional marbleized salon mats, and one that high heels can’t even stop.Please stay in touch and look back to see each blog describing all the very exciting salon mats as they come in and are added to the website.Happy Salon ‘ing This is not a high end beauty salon…

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