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There are literally thousands of different tile patterns, I’m just going to go over one that came about in a very interesting way.

I had a customer looking to order some Deck Tile from us, not for there garage floor, but for their deck. The Deck Tile has small openings that  allow liquids to drain away. It can be installed right over your old patio cement. These tiles snap together in such a way that allow them to be laid over uneven surfaces also.  And nice on the bare feet.

She was looking for even amounts of  two colors, and was going to create a pattern.

The pattern was going to be a “ever other” pattern as seen below in this garage floor mat picture. She had white patio furniture to set on the deck so the color white and tan really went together nicely. This pattern would look nice on a garage floor or even a kitchen floor, but skip down past this pattern and see what we came up with.
tile patterns basketball court

other interesting patterns:

Heres an after shot, the before was way to bad to show :) :
tile patterns laundry

See all the modular mats you can combine into patterns

The pattern in the workout picture below was ultimately the pattern she went with, a larger color pattern.
We took into consideration the white patio furniture, the size of the deck and the fact she wanted a calm serene area. I have to confess that there were only a limited amount of white tiles in stock (please know white is a hard color to get in these tiles, for some reason they are just not popular). So the pattern we suggested to her was this “less busy” approach. The fewer white tiles tie in well with the white furniture without being overwhelming. You can really have fun with these tiles, let us know and we can help, whether its for around the pool or spa, a room or basement or office, a garage floor, or your deck.
tile patterns workout room
 tile patterns

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